The UM CURE 2020 Progress Review Meeting 2019 took place at the Institut Curie (Paris, France) from the 28th to the 29th of June.


UM CURE 2020 Progress Review Meeting


The UM CURE 2020 Progress Review Meeting took place at the Institut Curie in Paris, France. All project partners were represented, some principal investigators already accompanied by collaborators such as students involved in the project.

During the meeting, several aspects of the projects’ future directions were discussed. Through the collaborative efforts of the Consortium, an animal model for studying metastatic disease (when the disease reaches the liver) and new drug combinations is underway. Also, in the laboratory, using uveal melanoma cells, potential therapies for the treatment of metastatic uveal melanoma will be analyzed.

The UM CURE 2020 consortium partners’ will also evaluate a new way of performing UM biopsies, by studying the vitreous (a gel that fills the inside of the eye and helps maintain it’s shape). The detailed genetic information of UM that is obtained through a biopsy will be valuable to determine the aggressiveness of the disease, help to predict eventual treatment responses and to help to understand why UM develops in the first place.

In partnership with EURACAN, the consortium will distribute a UM Brochure, focused on providing accurate and readable information, being not only a valuable source for patients but also for clinicians that treat UM patients. 

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