Updates for Rare Melanoma Subtypes and UM Cure 2020 at ASCO

UM Cure 2020 Project status was presented during ASCO by the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the consortium, who also chaired a session of poster discussion on Rare Melanoma Subtypes.


Dr. Sophie Piperno-Neumann (MD), Medical Oncologist from Institut Curie and Chair of Scientific Advisory Board of UM Cure 2020, presented the status of the UM Cure 2020 Project at an International Rare Cancer Initiative group meeting on last Saturday, 1st of June, during ASCO annual meeting.

Yesterday, 3rd of June, Dr. Piperno-Neumann was also the discussant of three important abstracts on “Updates for the Treatment of Rare Melanoma SubtypesPoster Discussion Session.

The most clinically relevant poster on uveal melanoma presented safety and efficacy results of the combination of two immunotherapy drugs already used in cutaneous melanoma, that act as immune system activators – ipilimumab and nivolumab. This study also added some data regarding patients’ characteristics that could be related with better response to this treatment.

There was also an interesting abstract about blood markers that might predict benefit from another promising drug in uveal melanoma – IMCgp100. This is a preliminary study and further studies with this drug are ongoing.

Ultimately, there was a study in patients with previously untreated advanced mucosal melanoma that assessed the activity of a combination treatment of a standard chemotherapy regimen – carboplatin plus paclitaxel – with the antibody bevacizumab.