April - May 2021 | Publications from UM Cure 2020's partners


We are happy to announce the most recent publications from our Consortium members.

May 2021

Small High-Risk Uveal Melanomas Have a Lower Mortality Rate

From University of Liverpool (to see more click here.)


April 2021

Ortho- and Ectopic Zebrafish Xeno-Engraftment of Ocular Melanoma to Recapitulate Primary Tumor and Experimental Metastasis Development

From Leiden University (to see more click here.)


Sunglasses to hide behind may also prevent melanoma of the eyes

From Cancer Research UK (to see more click here.)


Splicing patterns in SF3B1 mutated uveal melanoma generate shared immunogenic tumor-specific neo-epitopes

From Institut Curie (to see more click here.)