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In this section you can videos related to uveal melanoma, from basic concepts to therapeutic options


Jacqueline Franken | MPNE 2017 Rare

Jacqueline Franken talks about her personal experience as a UM patient.

Andrew Evans | MPNE Rare 2017 | The power in numbers

Interview with Andrew Evans at the Melanoma Patient Network Europe Rare 2017 conference.

Violeta Astratinei | MPNE Rare 2017

Violeta, Melanom Romania President and Founder, talks about the important role of patient groups.

Heather Burt | MPNE Rare 2017

Heather Burt talks about how going to patient meetings helped her copping with the disease.

Stephen Dallas, OcuMelUK | MPNE Rare 2017

Stephen Dallas talks about the importance of patient empowerment and advocacy.

Dr. Manuel Rodrigues (Institut Curie)

Dr. Manuel Rodrigues (Institut Curie) talks about the importance of Genetics and Genomics in UM.

Professor Benjamin Willcox | MPNE Rare 2017

Dr Benjamin Willcox made a presentation about Immune Therapies, at the MPNE rare 2017 Conference.

Leiden University Medical Center - UMCure2020 Partner

Medical researchers and physicians from LUMC talk about their role within the UMCure 2020 project.

Dr. Annemijn Wierenga (Leiden University Medical Center)

Dr. Annemijn Wierenga talks about patient sample collection and the role of the ethics committee.

Professor Gre Luyten (Leiden University Medical Center)

Professor Gre Luyten talks about ocular oncology treatment at Leiden University Medical Center.

Professor Pancras Hogendoorn (Leiden University Medical Center)

Prof. Pancras Hogendoorn explains why biobanking and international collaborations are important.

Professor Ewa Snaar-Jagalska (Leiden University)

Professor Ewa Snaar-Jagalska explains how Leiden University is involved in UM Cure 2020.

Dr. Martyna Elas (Jagiellonian University)

Dr. Martyna Elas explains how her Department of Jagiellon University is involved in UM Cure 2020.

Professor Bozena Romanowska-Dixon (Jagiellonian University)

Professor Bozena Romanowska-Dixon explains how Jagiellonian University is involved in UMCure 2020.

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) study on Uveal Melanoma

Prof. Dr. Martine Jager talks about the impact this study may have on UM diagnosis and treatment.


MPNE Rare 2017

MPNErare 2017 was held in Lieden, in October 2017, by Melanoma Patient Network Europe.

UM Cure 2020 First General Assembly & Patients Meeting

The First General Assembly and Patients' Meeting was held in Kraków, Poland, June 2017.

UM Cure 2020 Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the UM Cure 2020 took place January 2016 at the Champalimaud Foundation.

Explanatory Videos

The Importance of Patient Groups

Professor Ruben Belfort Neto talks about the importance of patient groups when dealing with UM.

The Importance of Treatment

How does the treatment of the primary tumour affects the development of metastatic disease?

Retinoblastoma vs Uveal Melanoma

Dr. Jesse Berry explains the differences between uveal melanoma and retinoblastoma.

Liquid biopsy

Dr. Jesse Berry explains the concept of liquid biopsies.

The Advantages of Informed Patients

Tamara Rimmer talks about why it is advantageous to have better informed patients.

Referral Centres

Dr. Jesse Berry talks about the importance of referral centres in the treatment of uveal melanoma.

Radiation vs Enucleation

Prof. Rubens Belfort Neto discusses the differences between radiation and enucleation.

Biopsies in UM

Dr. Jesse Berry explains how and why to perform a biopsy in a patient with uveal melanoma.

Patients' Groups

Tamara Rimmer, UM patient and OcuMel UK Patient Advocate, talks about the role of Patients' Groups.

From Patient to Patient Advocate

Tamara Rimmer, UK Patient Advocate, explains how a patient becomes a patient advocate.


Professor Rubens Belfort Neto, MD, PhD, explains why brachytherapy is used in the treatment of UM.

Know more about UM Cure 2020!

UMCure 2020 Project: Identifying and developing new treatments for metastatic Uveal Melanoma.

What are PDX Models?

Dr. Martyna Elas explains what PDX Models are and how they can be used to study UM tumour biology.

What UM Cure 2020 resources can I access as a UM patient?

Andre Valente, from Champalimaud Foundation, explains how important patients inlvovement is.

What are the major problems in the treatment of uveal melanoma?

Sophie Piperno-Neumann, from Institut Curie, discusses the challenge to treat metastatic UM.

What is the UM CURE 2020 Consortium?

Sergio Roman-Roman, from Institut Curie and Project Coordinator, presents the Consortium.

What research is being done to tackle uveal melanoma?

Martine Jager, from Leiden University Medical Center, discusses current research in Uveal Melanoma.

What is Uveal Melanoma?

Sarah Coupland, from University of Liverpool, explains Uveal Melanoma.