Clinical Trials

UM CURE 2020's central aim is to improve knowledge of metastatic UM that can lead to an effective treatment of metastatic disease in UM patients, ultimately with the initiation of clinical trials.

Clinical Trials

According to our plan for dissemination and implementation of results, the objectives and work plan for the UM Cure 2020 project have been designed to generate results and evidence as grounds for improving our knowledge of metastatic UM and lead to an effective treatment of metastatic disease in UM patients. Being put forward as a continuum from basic research through to the preclinical validation of new therapeutic approaches and ultimate initiation of clinical trials, UM Cure 2020 is expected to deliver the following (among others):

  1. New therapies validated at the preclinical level, using molecules in development (single or in combination) and the repositioning of already approved molecules (WP2); 
  2. A UM-specific chip designed by partner PG (WP4), aiming at helping stratify patients in clinical trials; 
  3. Improved detailed knowledge on the pathophysiology of UM, and in particular of the metastatic disease (WP4); 
  4. New relevant preclinical models to test therapeutic interventions and to further increase our knowledge of disease mechanisms (WP3).

As the project progresses, these should lead to the initiation of at least one clinical trial dedicated to metastatic UM patients.

UM CURE 2020 Clinical trials will be posted here.

Finding Current Clinical Trials
The most complete and user-friendly website provided by the US NIH also listing European trials (in lesser detail):

EU Clinical Trials Register​
Data listed by European trials country: